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Choose 1 Entree and 2 Sides

$11.99 Per Person


Choose 2 Entrees and 3 Sides

$14.99 Per Person

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Turkey Wings (2)
Smoked, Fried or Smothered.

Pig Tails Fried or Smoked
3-4 depending on size.

Turkey Necks Fried, Boiled or Smoked

Red or White Beans and Rice
With Hot or Mild Sausage.

Rabbit Stew

Fried Catfish Strips
5 pieces

Crawfish Stew

Neck Bone Stew over Rice

Stewed Chicken with Rice

Chicken Fricassee

BBQ Ribs
5-6 depending on size.

Pulled Pork

With Chicken and Pork.

Chicken Spicy Fried, Smothered or BBQ
2 Pieces or Quarters

Pork Chops Fried, Smoked or Smothered

Pork Wings - (Stewed or Smoked - Shanks)

Boudin Links (2), Balls (3) or (2) On a stick