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Soul Food Menu


Menu Options

Choose 1 Entree and 2 Sides

$11.99 Per Person


Choose 2 Entrees and 3 Sides

$14.99 Per Person

Turkey Wings (2)

Smoked, Fried or Smothered.

Pig Tails Fried or Smoked

3-4 depending on size.

Turkey Necks Fried, Boiled or Smoked

Red or White Beans and Rice

With Hot or Mild Sausage.

Rabbit Stew

Fried Catfish Strips

5 pieces

Crawfish Stew

Neck Bone Stew over Rice

Stewed Chicken with Rice

Chicken Fricassee

BBQ Ribs

5-6 depending on size.

Pulled Pork


With Chicken and Pork.

Chicken Spicy Fried, Smothered or BBQ

2 Pieces or Quarters

Pork Chops Fried, Smoked or Smothered

Pork Wings - (Stewed or Smoked - Shanks)

Boudin Links (2), Balls (3) or (2) On a stick

Side Dishes

Baked or BBQ Beans

Dirty Rice or Rice Dressing

Seasoned Butter Beans or Lima Beans

Deep Fried Cracklings

Macaroni and Cheese

Mustard or Turnip Greens

Cabbage Greens

Green Beans, White or Red Beans as Side

Cream Style Corn, Kernal Corn or Smotherd Blend

Battered and Fried Corn Cobbett's

Corn Cobbett's Seasoned and Buttered

Corn Bread

Potato Salad

Smothered or Fried Okra

Wild Rice Blend

Steamed White Rice


Chocolate Brownies - Pecan or Walnut

$2.50 Per Person

Banana Pudding

$3.00 Per Person

Peach Cobbler

$3.25 Per Person

Pecan Pie

$3.25 Per Person

Bread Pudding

With White Chocolate Glaze.

$3.75 Per Person