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A La Carte

Kids Menu

Fried Chicken Tenders$9.99

Served with BBQ Sauce and Ketchup with FF

Peanut Butter and Jelly$7.99

Mini Corndogs$8.99

Served with Honey Mustard and Ketchup

Grilled Cheese Triangles$8.99

With French Fries

A la Carte Items

Shrimp Beignets or Various Shrimp, Crab or Crawfish Pistolettes

Couchon de Lait (Whole Pig or Alligator)

Rotisserie Roasted Pig - 50/60 lbs - Serves 60-80

Served with Choice of Sides.

The Whole Pit Roasted Alligator can be stuffed with boudin or a dressing of your choice. Each make an impressive presentation!

MARKET PRICE (pictures in the gallery)

Shrimp, Crab or Crawfish Boil

Boiled in our own blend of season boil, iced and served with Corn, Bread, Potatoes, Garlic and Onions with Housemade Cocktail and Remoulade sauces.


3 Meat BBQ Meals