The Difference Between Cajun and Creole Catering in Baton Rouge

Posted on April 14, 2013 by Writer

When people think of great food that defines a historic region of the United States, it’s quite often that their mind jumps to southern cuisine. Because of the diverse roots that have lent their cooking styles to places like Louisiana, Missouri and Texas, a vast array of cooking styles and signature dishes have become popular favorites that are immediately associated with the culture and tone of the south. Two such food styles are Cajun and Creole: iconic preparation and cooking practices that lead to mouth-watering dishes and ultimately, full stomachs.

Many people tend to group these food types into a single misnomer: southern food. While both styles are highly prevalent in the south, it must be made clear that there is some distinction among them. After all, if you were to ask for a traditional Creole dish, expecting a Cajun meal, you might be a little unprepared for what you’re about to eat! This especially holds true when people place orders for catering in Baton Rouge: what they think they’re getting versus what they ask for may be two different things.

Creole Food and Dishes
The Creole cooking style originates from the New Orleans area and draws influence from early French settlers who occupied that land in the imperialistic times of the 17th and 18th centuries. This style of cooking, like Cajun, incorporates a lot of rice, chicken and beans. What’s truly distinctive of this type of food, however, is the variation of spices, dry rubs and seasonings that are mixed carefully into signature dishes. Seafood is also very prevalent in Creole cooking traditionally and incorporates crawfish, crab, oysters and shrimp quite often.

Cajun Food and Dishes
Cajun foods are generally what people think of when they think of “hot” dishes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these meals are all based on this principle. In fact, one of the major staples of Cajun cuisine is the use of rice, corn and okra to create blends of vegetables that are meant to supplement meats and seafood. Cajun food and especially Cajun catering in Baton Rouge is based around the longstanding tradition of preparing a meal in bulk, where portions can be parceled out over a large family or gathering of people. In this sense, Cajun dishes are usually adaptable by scale and can be made to feed tens, even hundreds of people!

If you’re looking to enjoy traditional dishes at your next gathering, make sure that you choose either Cajun or Creole catering in Baton Rouge! Not only will you be able to serve up some of the best, most identifiable cuisine in North America, you’re sure to satisfy any and all tastes that may be present at your event: after all, both styles of food feature a diverse line of ingredients, dishes and flavors. Call Catering Connection today to learn more about specialty dishes, appetizers and desserts that can bring a home-style feel to any event that you may be hosting.