Zachary Catering: Picking the Right Food For Your Event

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Writer

Do you remember what you had to eat last time you went to a wedding? How about the menu of the last family reunion that you went to? Chances are, what you had to eat at these events still stands out in your mind—good or bad—and you remember eating based on the event that it was served at. This isn’t coincidence: it’s science! You see, food has two components that make it a trigger for a persons memory: taste and smell. People identify tastes and smells and attribute them to memories of what was going on the last time that they encountered them and it works vice versa.

What this pairing of taste and smell does to our memories can be used to create a highly memorable and enjoyable event. How, you ask? Well, by picking the right foods to serve at your event, you’ll create a bond that elicits fond memories of the event itself! And, when it comes to Zachary catering, you have the option to create a plethora of tastes and smells that your guests will remember for years to come.

It works like this: first, determine the nature of your event. Are you hosting a backyard get-together for a few dozen people? Or, are you putting together an entire wedding ceremony? Once you’ve got the event itself determined, then try and picture where it will be held. Is it outdoors or in a big hall? Finally, when the details are beginning to come together, take a look at the people who will be attending and try to come to a consensus on what these people like to eat—granted, everyone’s tastes are different and it’s tough to find a single dish that everyone will like. Using a Zachary catering service can help you to provide options for people, which will help to stimulate each person’s taste buds and their memories in the long run.

Let’s use a family reunion, for example. In this setting, people are very familiar with one another and the atmosphere is very comfortable—it would make the most sense to serve “soul food” or food that’s filling and comforting. Main dishes like fried turkey and chicken, pork loin or Cajun style pulled barbeque pork will all serve to satisfy hungry guests in both taste and quantity. People will load up their plates, devour your delicious entrée options and do it all while in great spirits. Here’s where it gets interesting: people who are comfortable with each other generally tend to talk about the here and now—like what they’re eating.

When the plates are clean and all of the food from your Zachary catering service has been cleared away, people will keep the conversation going while they digest it all. That meal, however, was very important because later on down the road, when they’re thinking about the last family reunion, they’ll remember the delicious food and great conversation that they had. Voilà! You’ve just created a food memory with your delectable choice in catering!