Carriage House Restaurant Receives SinglePlatform Top Performer Award

Posted on July 7, 2013 by Writer

Being recognized for outstanding service and quality is a dream for any restaurant owner, especially when that recognition merits a title, like “Top Performer.” Being able to say that you’re a top performer that stands out as an example of just how good foods and services can and should be is a feeling that’s simply unmatched. It’s with great honor that Catering Connection can announce Carriage House Restaurant as being a recipient of a SinglePlatform Top Performer Award for March 2013!

Known for its historic and authentic dining experience, Carriage House Restaurant at The Myrtles Plantation has been home to great food and family fun for years. Within the walls of this fabled restaurant, diners will find an amazing assortment of traditional southern dishes, as concocted by master chef Tip Pace of Catering Connection. Along with great food and mouth-watering desserts, those looking to eat like kings of “The Republic of West Florida,” can also enjoy one of the most extensive wine lists around, not to mention a great selection of beer and spirits.

It’s thanks to this positively delectable menu and the service surrounding it that Carriage House Restaurant was awarded a SinglePlatform Top Performer Award. The award, given to restaurants that meet and exceed guest’s expectations, hinges on the overall satisfaction of diners when it comes to both the food and the overall experience. And, judging from the extensive number of accolades, complements and well-wishes on the Carriage House Restaurant’s website, it’s safe to say that the award is well deserved!

What does this mean for Carriage House Restaurant?

Receiving an outstanding designation like the SinglePlatform Top Performer Award means a lot to a restaurant and helps to bolster reputation in a number of different ways. First and foremost, people gravitate to places that have won awards, simply on principle. When an establishment has been publically recognized by an institution for being a leader, there’s a good bet that they got that designation for a reason!

Having a title also means that an establishment has to maintain that level of excellence moving forward. The Carriage House Restaurant always strives to bring people the best dining experience possible, so measuring up to the award isn’t so much a chore as it is a constant bar for greatness: a reminder of just how great you can be.

Finally, as a SinglePlatform Top Performer, the restaurant will experience an influx of curious diners who want to see what all of the hype is about. This means more opportunities to interact with the community, reasons to continue creating authentic dishes to add to the menu and the potential for even more recognition to befall it. When one person begins to talk, people begin to listen and talk for themselves!

Receiving the SinglePlatform Top Performer Award is a great accomplishment for Carriage House Restaurant and one that will continue to fuel a standard of excellence for years and years to come.