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Experience The Carriage House Restaurant At Myrtles Plantation

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Writer

There are restaurants all over the country that play a special significance to the region that they’re located in. Whether it’s a representation of a particular food, setting or style, one thing is for sure: people tend to gather where they can eat and drink! And, if you’re looking for that special restaurant in Louisiana, most people will tell you that you need not look any further than the Carriage House Restaurant for some true southern comfort!

The Carriage House Restaurant is owned by Tip Pace and the rest of his family, proprietors of the ever-popular Catering Connection. While Tip’s signature southern dishes have become a hit all throughout St. Francisville and the surrounding regions, it was only a matter of time before these delectable meals made their way off of a catering menu and onto a menu in a sit-down restaurant. The addition of Tip’s authentic, traditional southern dishes to the Carriage House Restaurant’s contemporary Louisiana setting make for a dining experience that’s not soon forgotten!

The idea of the Carriage House Restaurant is to serve guests with food that’s representative of the region, which means you’re in for some of the tastiest, most authentic dishes around. Steaks, seafood and traditional plantation recipes are sure to grace your plate and when it comes time for dessert, a plethora of delectable choices will make your mouth water even when you thought you couldn’t take another bite.

What starts with fine food and a casual dining experience is certainly complemented with amazing service, which makes the Carriage House Restaurant a real treat for diners. With rave reviews and a newly earned SinglePlatform Top Performer Award under its belt, the restaurant is certainly a fan favorite for a reason. From the moment you walk in and wait at the bar to be seated, to that last bite and the check, you’re bound to find something to talk about in a lively atmosphere that’s just buzzing with hospitality and cheer!

As most people would agree, it’s not just the atmosphere that makes for a great time: it’s also about the people and the space in which you meet them. Maybe you’ll find yourself chatting with an old friend over one of the many brews on tap at the Carriage House Restaurant? Perhaps you’ll strike up a conversation with a complete stranger on your way out to the patio about how amazing the bread pudding is? Either way, what you take away from your interactions will leave you with a smile on your face.

Whether you’re a tourist in search of a real dining experience or simply a local resident who knows where to get great food and wonderful service, it’s imperative that you end up with a seat at the Carriage House Restaurant. Not only will you leave with a full belly and happy taste buds, you’ll walk away knowing that you just had an authentic dining experience, complete right down to the hospitality.