Not a Typical Catering Menu

Posted on May 30, 2013

There was a time when catered food was often equated with “not-so-good food.”  In many cases, catering companies relied on antiquated dishes that were often flavorless and over-cooked. The limited options these companies served bore little resemblance to anything someone might cook at home. Luckily for today’s party hosts, times have changed. Catering companies now pride themselves on offering an incredible array of choices. Using the finest quality products, catering chefs now use classic recipes and home-style inspired dishes to impress even the most discerning party guests. If you don’t believe what you are reading, then read below for some great examples of things you’ll now find on Baton Rouge catering menus.

Boudin: Boudin is a pork sausage that has an almost mythic status in Cajun cuisine. It can be prepared in any number of ways, which affect its final color, taste, and usage. Boudin blanc in particular is a local favorite, involving pork and rice. This notoriously difficult to make sausage has incredible flavor and stands well on its own or in any number of dishes. Can you believe boudin can now be found on a number of Baton Rouge catering menus?

Jambalaya: Speaking of rice dishes, catering menus has begun to offer this infamous Creole dish. No two jambalayas are alike, but they always include three components: meat, rice, and vegetables. A classic jambalaya dish includes chicken and sausage and of course, just the right amount of seasoning. No other Louisiana dish has become more popular nation-wide, and it probably is about time catering companies have begun serving this time-honored dish to food crazy guests.

Muffalettas: Muffalettas are another Louisiana favorite, with origins thought to be in New Orleans. This incredible sandwich uses special bread, a marinated olive mixture and various types of deli-style meats, such as mortadella and salami, all topped with cheese such as mozzarella or provolone. Catering menus in Baton Rouge have adopted this dish as a party favorite, often times in a small version so that olive mixture doesn’t end up all over a wedding gown.

Smothered Okra: What would a Southern party be without smothered okra? Okra is a plant that has become a critical part of Creole and Cajun cooking (gumbo anyone?), but can stand by itself in this classic of home-style cooking. Mixed with just the right seasoning, hot sauce, and tomatoes, then stewed over low heat, this dish alone will show you just how far catered cooking has come.

Best of all, these are only four examples of what catering companies in Baton Rouge have added to their menus. Rabbit stew, crawfish boils, pig tails—all of those classic Louisiana dishes are now accounted for. To make it even better, catered food makes hosting an event much easier and takes all the guess-work out of cooking the right amounts or having enough variety to please everyone. At great prices, it also is an affordable option for putting on a great party. Catered food is now soul food, so the next time your hosting an event, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the great progress made in catered cooking.