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What to Look for in a Good Catering Menu in Baton Rouge

Posted on February 19, 2013

Whenever you’re looking for a catering service, there are a few clear stipulations that take precedence over just about anything else. Of course finding a caterer that has a reputation for excellence and fine cuisine is absolutely important, however amidst much of the searching, event organizers may forget what’s perhaps the most obvious criteria of a superior catering service: the menu! In a region known for amazing cuisine, picking a caterer in Baton Rouge, LA all comes down to what’s on the menu and how authentic the food is.

The first thing you need to look at when skimming a catering menu in Baton Rouge, LA is the selection available to you. While the food may sound great in some menus, the lack of options may leave you with very little wiggle room when it comes to providing for people with very different tastes. A few entrées and even fewer sides makes for a very bland menu. On the other hand, when you open up a menu, like the ones at Catering Connection, and the pages are full of mouth watering, authentic dishes, you’ll immediately feel confident in your ability to give people what they want to eat at your event.

On top of the depth of a catering menu in Baton Rouge, LA you must also consider the breath of options available. If a menu has tons of entrée options, but they’re all pork or chicken based, you really aren’t able to achieve the desired selection that you want at an event. The thing that will truly exemplify a good catering menu is the wealth of possibilities that you can offer guests. For example, at Catering Connection, you can pick from any number of pork, chicken, BBQ or seafood plates, as well as numerous sides that go great with any dish that you happen to pick.

Last but not least, a catering menu in Baton Rouge, LA isn’t complete without knowing the chef behind the food. You may not realize it, but learning about the chef is as easy as taking a look at what the specialty dishes are and the descriptions that follow them. If you see a vast selection of seafood dishes and hardly any pork options, you can deduce that the chef is more confident in his or her ability to prepare a great catch. On the other hand, if you take a look at a menu and see meal options across each and every specialty, than you can probably assume that the chef in question is proud to offer just about anything to you and your guests.

Catering is all about the food: the options available, the expertise behind its preparation and the number of different styles that are offered. You shouldn’t have to settle for a mediocre menu and modest food at your event: choose Catering Connection and wow your guests with the finest catered food in Baton Rouge, LA!