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Occasions For Office Party Catering in Baton Rogue, LA

Posted on February 4, 2013

There are a number of celebratory occasions that can arise in the workplace and a variety of different ways to go about celebrating them. The best way to ensure that everyone is merry and having a good time is to have delicious food present: after all, what brings people together better than their favorite dishes? It’s important, however, to make sure that the food being served is going to be appetizing to everyone at the party, not just some people, or you might find yourself with a divided crowd before the celebration is over! Here are a few instances where you might think about calling for office party catering in Baton Rouge, AL:

Birthdays: Birthdays may only come once per year, but if you’re working in an office with a few dozen people, that means you’ll be celebrating a birthday pretty frequently! When it comes time to get food for a little office celebration, you’ll save money and get better quality food when you call office party catering in Baton Rouge, LA, as opposed to simply going to a grocery store or ordering from a random restaurant.

Going Away Parties: Has your coworker found a better opportunity in the career world? Send them off with a fond farewell and a full belly! Going away parties are an excellent time to get the best food possible, as your way of showing your appreciation for that particular coworker. Don’t throw a going away party with a veggie platter that says, “best of luck;” get office party catering in Baton Rouge, LA and say, “we’ll miss you and we hope you succeed in all of your endeavors!”

For Long Meetings: Many times in a corporate setting, there are meetings that take up a whole day or go way over schedule to encompass many hours. When it comes time for lunch, people are tired and just want to relax for the few moments that they have in between long meeting sessions. Surprising these folks with office party catering in Baton Rouge, LA will give them a sense of relief and relaxation, simply because they don’t have to run out and waste their down time finding food and eating it hurriedly!

Promotions: Are you, or is a coworker, moving up the corporate ladder to reach new heights? Have a little celebration over the new promotion and fill your conference room tables with delicious food! It’s great to celebrate the accomplishments of people who have worked hard and one of the best ways to celebrate is with fantastic food! Whoever’s getting promoted is going to feel a whole lot more comfortable in their corner office if they situate themselves with a happy stomach…

Any time you can think of a reason to throw a party in the office, it’s a valid reason to call Catering Connection for some superb catering. With dishes and sides for everyone, anyone attending the shindig will find themselves with a plate full of food and a mouthful of conversation.