Picking The Perfect Food For St. Francisville Wedding Catering

Posted on September 30, 2013

No one knows better than the bride when it comes to planning the absolute perfect wedding day. From the flowers right down to the food, most brides are on top of it all, especially when it comes to the essentials. Booking a catering company for St. Francisville wedding catering is one of the first things—aside from picking the venue and putting together the guest list—that an eager bride will have on her list because it’s important to know what to serve when all of the other arrangements start falling into place.

The main course: your meat and potatoes

In today’s modern day and age, brides are sick of choosing between fish and chicken as the two traditional options for the wedding’s main course. Likewise, there’s not a St. Francisville wedding catering company around that isn’t tired of the same old lineup, wedding after wedding. Luckily for both sides of the coin, traditional dishes are giving way to more fun, exotic options, especially in the south. Now, chicken and fish are still available, but alongside options such as buffet-style entrees, steak, pork and even hearty pasta and rice dishes. Depending on the tastes of the wedding party and their guests, what’s unveiled as the main course could be something brand new to some people!

Sides and additions: battling appetites

What’s a main course without a little something on the plate next to it? Indeed, many times, without the addition of sides to a wedding’s dinner menu, you may find yourself with a bunch of hungry guests who may try to drink their hunger away at your open bar! Giving people options such as fresh fruit, potatoes, pasta and more, however, can curb even the heartiest appetite and tide people over until you’ve got the wedding cake ready to be cut and plated up.

The best part about sides and additions is that depending on the St. Francisville wedding catering company you’re using, the options could be limitless! A company like Tip’s Catering Connection, for example, has such a vast array of sides and additions, that you could find yourself with enough of a selection to appease any appetite in the house!

Soups and salads: keeping hunger at bay

Let’s face it, the line at a wedding buffet isn’t the fastest moving thing in the world and if you’re entertaining a lot of guests, people at the end of the line could be getting restless. Instead of starving your guests while they wait for their table to be called up to the line, why not offer a little soup or salad to curb the appetite? Any catering company is sure to have a delicious selection of soups and salads on hand, allowing you to give people a little sustenance before the real meal is served.

With all of the things you’ll have to worry about during the course of planning a wedding, make sure to give yourself one easy option and choose Tip’s Catering Connection. When it comes time to feed all of the hungry mouths on your big day, you can be sure that you’re doing so with a variety of tasty dishes!